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Exterior finishes for garden rooms and offices

You can have your garden office, garden room or garden studio in any colour - and we really mean any colour!

Any Colour.jpg

Office Garden Rooms is a division of Colourchange UPVC one of the UK's leading colouring specialists for UPVC and aluminium products. Using the latest colour bonding technology we can provide you with maintenance free finishes to your garden office, studio or room.

With a choice of over 30,000 colours you can choose a colour that compliments your home or a bold and exciting statement colour. Enjoy a finish that is guaranteed for 10 years without the need for oiling, sanding painting or any other form of treatment.

Alternatively you may wish to have a natural wood finish, these will need regular treatment.

Standard finishes:

Black Barn Boards.JPG

Black weatherboard cladding

A very traditional Suffolk barn finish is the black weatherboard. A rustic appearance that suits country gardens

Redwood cladding.jpg

Redwood cladding

This is a premium building wood that is chemically treated to help with weather, rot and insect resistance. It is perfect for almost any outdoor application. Further treatment will be required to maintain the finish.

Alternative finishes:

Vertical UPVC cladding.jpg

UPVC smooth cladding

A strong, weather resistant UPVC cladding that can be coloured to your exact requirements. The smooth finish works well for a contemporary looking structure offering years of maintenance free protection.

Textured UPVC cladding.jpg

UPVC textured cladding

This UPVC cladding is another maintenance free solution. The surface has a wood effect texture and can be coloured to suit your needs.

composite cladding.jpg

Composite cladding

Composite cladding is a solid, strong and durable surface made from a mixture of recycled wood and polymers. Available in a variety of colours and a number of wood effects.

Composite Board.jpg

Hardieplank textured cladding

Hardieplank cladding is made of cement, sand and cellulose fibers. A very strong, solid and rigid material for cladding. This is available in a range of standard colours or can be provided in any choice of colour using the Colourchange system. Hardieplank is maintenance free.

Oak cladding horizontal.jpg

Oak cladding

Oak cladding has a natural beauty and a wonderful finish if treated regularly. A hard wood that will stand the test of time. A variety of finishes are available - tongue and groove, shiplap, shadow gap etc

Larch Cladding horizontal.jpg

Larch cladding

Larch is a very durable wood finish. British larch cladding is best left untreated turning a silver colour as it weathers. A variety of finishes are available - tongue and groove, shiplap, shadow gap etc

Cedar Cladding.jpg

Cedar cladding

Cedar, like oak and larch, is expected to last 40 - 60 years making it a good long term investment. Cedar is more weather resistant than most other timbers. A variety of finishes are available - tongue and groove, shiplap, shadow gap etc

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