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The Cost of a Garden Office

Price of a Garden Office.jpg

Asking how much a garden ofiice would cost, or the price of any garden room is like asking for a quote for an extension.

There are so many variables that providing an accurate price is difficult without a discussion and a site survey.


We are able to work out our cheapest price using the basic elements and the smallest size, and no base and appreciate that this is not that helpful. There is a table below for a garden room with a mono pitched roof which we hope is more useful.

Office Garden Rooms are not stapled together in a factory and shipped to a supplier. Our buildings are handcrafted, bespoke installations that are competitively priced


With different sizes, options on french doors, bifolds, windows, cladding etc it is not possible to provide a price list for every variant - plus of course not every garden is flat and accessible too

What we can assure you is that we check our competitor prices all the time and we are very competitive. We are not the cheapest but our construction is much better than the cheaper models.

We are happy to come and quote for an installation, all estimates are free and there is no selling! We have learnt from our conservatory business Suffolk Conservatory, that people prefer a discussion about what they want, an estimate and then to be left to choose if they want to buy it rather than being sold it!

Garden building pricing guide

The following is a price guide to our garden room with the mono pitched roof, our prices include a base unlike many other suppliers plus all the options shown below. Please call to discuss the other roof formats and door, window exterior finish options available.

2023 prices.jpg

Prices above show the cost with and without VAT - businesses may be able to claim back VAT for offices, people looking for a garden room will want to know the inclusive price so we have included them. 

Our prices include the base installation.


A set of French doors, larger offices have a side window.


The insulation is "PIR" which is the most effective, we use 75mm in the wall and floor (if a timber floor is installed) and 150mm in the ceiling.


EPDM roof, guttering and a water butt.


Upto 4 electrical points included in the price (sockets). LED room lighters to suit the room size, a fuse board and a heater that is the appropriate size for the installation.

Redwood or classic black weatherboard finish and fully plastered interior.


(an electrical supply to the garden office will need to be arranged by the property owner - we can arrange this for you the price would be subject to a site survey)

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