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Construction of Insulated Garden Rooms

Preparing a base

Laser levelling of the Easy Pads.jpg

It all starts with the foundations, at Office Garden Rooms we can quote for the construction of a base or install on a base that you have created.

The foundations of your new garden room are the key to its construction.

We prefer to build a firm subbase and a concrete slab but there may be circumstances where we use easy pads to form the base for your construction project.

A square and level base ensures the rest of the build is easier and it is worth doing properly. 

Insulated floors

Preparing garden office base.jpg

Generally people think about the roof insulation and wall insulation and forget the floor insulation.

As experienced builders that have specialised in single story extensions and conservatories we know all about insulation and have used our experience to develop highly insulated garden rooms that help keep the structure cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

A solid platform for your garden office


Customers are often suprised to see how much material is used to reach this stage of the build.

The garden room foundations and flooring give us a rigid and level base to build upon.

For Garden Rooms that are to be used as hair salons, beauty treatment rooms etc we would incorporate plumbing into the build project. 

With over 30 years of building experience the integration of services is normal day to day activity for us.

Building on a weather proofed base

Garden Office prototype.JPG

This stage is an exciting time for customers who start to see some real progress.

Where possible we prefer to construct sections off site. Because we use substantial timber and so much insulation this often makes it too heavy to carry far.


This means that there are times when it is fully assembled on site

The Garden Office takes shape

Sides of the Garden Office.jpg

Once the frame is constructed a special board is added on the exterior. 

This adds structure and strength to the construction. 

This wall structure for this garden office is integral and not seen on the finished product

The Garden Office gets a roof


The construction process by Office Garden Rooms is very robust. The materials are of the highest quality and the structure is incredibly strong.

This is not a garden shed, this is a gaden room designed to serve the test of time.

Large timbers are used to create the roof which is angled to the rear to disperse the rain.

Once boarded the roof has a rubber EDPM roofing cover. Designed with a life expectancy of 50 years this is a perfect choice to ensure your garden room is watertight and extremely durable.

The Garden Office gets a roof

frame covered with a breathable membrane

A breathable, waterproof layer wraps the structure.

Our extensive experience with installations of insulated conservatory roofs has taught us the importance of ventilation between the layers of materials when constructing these garden rooms.

Failure to provide a flow can cause bridging from the exterior to the interior surfaces which is likely to lead to condensation.

Garden structures from Office Garden Rooms are made to breathe through the structure giving you a cosy, homely space inside.

More insulation for the garden room

Super insulated garden rooms

Insulated walls.JPG

Once watertight more insulation is added internally to the walls and ceiling.

Our Garden rooms are designed to use all year round. The insulation stops the buildings getting too hot in summer and too cold in the winter.

Doors are added to the garden office

Doors are in.jpg

It doesn't make sense to build a structure that is fully insulated and of this quality and then to add wooden doors!

Our garden rooms come with the option of UPVC doors and windows or aluminium doors and windows.

As a division of Colourchange UPVC we source windows and doors cheaply enough to supply the trade! And can supply them in any colour you choose.

This image shows the battons in place for the cladding - these also provide an air space for ventilation.

Cladding for garden offices

Cladding is going on.jpg

Cladding has been added, the cladding and roofline colour was chosen specifically for this garden office which is in our show area ar Rendlesham near Woodbridge in Suffolk.

Personal finishes for garden offices

Exterior of Pod 1.jpg

Some decking completes this particular example.

Available in any colour, we offer different types of cladding including UPVC, Hardiplank to traditional wood.

Our business originated from a carpentry background - we know wood, how to work with it and get the best from it.

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